Apr 16, 2011


On our way back from Europe we spent a couple days in Seoul as we came through Korea.

We spent our first night having dinner at a very cool buddhist temple where they brought us a whole galaxy of vegetarian dishes, followed by traditional song and dance from several Korea women.

The neon downtown.

I got corn juice out of one of the vending machines in the airport. So exciting to finally find a beverage that tastes like popped corn.

A fence on the top of the hill in the center of the city is home to a similar tradition as that of the Rhine bridge I posted pictures of earlier. We didn't have a lock on hand to give out this time.

This character is some sort of Seoul icon; we saw him all over the city in various forms. This was on top of the mountain, which we were able to drive right up because Francis, the friend of mine stationed there with the US Army, had diplomatic plates.

After the mountain, Francis and I hit up some live professional Starcraft. We saw two of my favourite players duke it out in an epic battle royale. Seeing the studio where these guys play was like visiting my Mecca.

From there, we headed to Gyeongbok Palace, one of the palaces right in the heart of the city.

The koreans thought this was just hilarious.

And so concludes our round the world adventure.

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  1. Once again you exceed my expectations. June.
    wonderful adventure


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